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Sustainable living

Greenhouses & hydroponics

A high-tech insulated greenhouse, approximately 94 square metres, will be erected on land opposite the zero carbon house. An external sculpted soil wall will protect the greenhouse against the weather extremes. Food will be grown throughout the year using the hydroponic growing system - no soil or peat is used for this process, just nutrients and water. LED lighting will enable five crops a year to be maintained. Using an electric vehicle for the distribution of this food crop means that no fossil fuels are used for transport purposes. All waste material will be composted and used for external raised-bed food culture.

Rainwater from the roof and spring water run-off is being harvested. This will be put through a reverse osmosis plant to remove heavy metals and then used for the hydroponic project.  We are proposing to use a small, vertical access wind-turbine to power the horticultural project as the power consumption is very small.

The horticultural project will remove the need for importing fragile crops i.e. tomatoes, lettuce, herbs etc. This is known as ‘import substitution' and can be replicated anywhere in the world.

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